The Stories Behind the Chocolate High Heel

Last year, I wanted to create something special for Mother’s Day. What do Moms like? Chocolate of course! There aren’t many women I know that don’t like shoes also.  A few years ago, a friend brought a mold for a chocolate high heel to make for her daughter who is a fashion designer. We made the shoe in milk chocolate and filled it with nonpareils and it was perfect for her fashion show. Although the shoe was difficult to make, we decided to offer a few for sale, but after a couple of weeks there was no interest in the shoe, and the only shoe mold we had mysteriously disappeared. The only person that knew where the mold was in hiding was my aunt, the owner of Sweet Designs.

Two weeks before Mother’s Day, she was opposed to giving me the mold because the chocolate shoe did not go over well a few years ago and it was difficult to make.  Little did she know my idea would be even more difficult to make! When I finally got my hands on the mold, I decided Dark Chocolate High Heel Shoeto make my version of the shoe. I had milk, dark and white chocolate to work with. I started to think of my high heels and the ones that I wish I had. Polka dots! My best friend has a pair and they look perfect!

With a lot of trial and error, I perfected the shoe, and to my surprise my aunt liked it and suggested a white chocolate flower for the front. Although it looks great empty I wanted it to look more delicious and beautiful. I decided to fill it with truffles, our finest and most decadent chocolates.

We would have never expected what an adventure our chocolate high heel would become. What started as a Mother’s Day gift turned into bridal shower gift, a birthday gift, a graduation gift, a retirement gift, Christmas and Valentine’s Day gifts, and it was even used as a corporate gift! There were times when I felt like I worked in a shoe factory!

Customer Stories

It has been fun hearing our customers’ stories. We’ve heard “She loves shoes!” many times.  The most common story we hear is how the recipient ate the truffles but is saving the shoe and displaying it. We did not expect that people would be keeping the shoe for a long time, after all you can’t wear it!  We started telling customers that two weeks is more than enough to admire the shoe and show to friends, but it is really too delicious not to eat. After giving this advice we heard of an elderly mother who received the shoe from her son and displayed it in a glass cabinet for a while. After he told her that she had to start eating the shoe, it was all gone the next day!

chocolate peep toe and chocolate flatAnother story we heard was about a husband who gave it to his wife but got tired of looking at the shoe on display and ate it himself. Finally, the most creative story we have heard is about a lady who ate the toe first to make a peep toe shoe. Next she ate the heel to make it a flat. See our reenactment to the right.

Mother’s Day Edition

To make the shoe unique for this Mother’s day, we are combining chocolate and real flowers. Recently, we have been making chocolate truffles with small crystallized flowers for special orders, mainly bridal shower favors. Crystallized Flower ShoeCrystallized Flower Company in Willoughby, Ohio grows edible flowers and preserves them in sugar and meringue. The flowers are free of pesticides and chemicals. Their crystallized rose seemed like a perfect match with our chocolate high heel. This special edition shoe is made to order and can be picked up or delivered locally. Our chocolate high heel with the white chocolate flower is always in stock and can be shipped anywhere in the country.

It has been great to see how many women and men express their passion for high heel shoes. And chocolate, of course!

Celebrate life with chocolate…and shoes!

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