Wedding and Bridal Shower Favors

2 piece clear favor box

Mini Clear Ballotin

Have you ever been to a wedding where you forgot the favor on the table or reluctantly saved it in a drawer full of other such trinkets? The purpose of wedding and bridal shower favors is to thank your guests for sharing the joy of these special moments in your life. There are usually many things to be planned for your special day, and favors may be one of the last decisions you make without putting a lot of thought into it.

The favors do not need to be extravagant or expensive; rather they should simply be something your guests can enjoy. We have received great feedback from our customers on our bridal shower and wedding favors. Gourmet chocolates in elegant packaging are sure to be enjoyed, and don’t be surprised if your guests try to sneak an extra one.

There are two things to focus on when selecting favors, the chocolates and the packaging. The most popular chocolates for favors are our truffles. They come in a dozen different flavors with most people choosing flavors such as plain chocolate, raspberry and mint. You are able to select any of our other chocolates to include in your favors.

Our most popular favor is a two piece truffle box, where you can include one milk and one dark chocolate truffle. If your wedding or shower has a certain color scheme we have just about every color box and ribbon to match. Many people also choose to personalize their box with names which adds a special touch to the favor.

Bride and Groom Strawberries

Bride and Groom Strawberries

We think that the most important question when buying favors is: “What is the best favor I can give to my guests within my budget?” We have a favor for any budget and we like to get creative with our customers’ ideas. Some of our favors include different style boxes filled with truffles or assorted chocolates, candy bars, chocolate covered pretzels, molded wedding bells, chocolate umbrellas, and mini chocolate high heel shoes.

We can also make custom favors based on your ideas. We have a large amount of molds from anchors to the letter ‘Z’. Molded chocolate pieces make a nice personalized favor and reveal something about the couple. Do you have something to go with the chocolate that you would like to give to your guests? Bring it in and we will package it with the chocolate favor. Chocolate bride and groom strawberries and apples, we make them! Chocolate truffles with real edible flowers on top for spring or chocolate leaves for a fall wedding…we make them too!

In the world of favors, the possibilities are endless, in the world or chocolate favors, possibilities are also endless and with an added benefit…they are also delicious!

Celebrate Life With Chocolate!

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