Torrone and dark chocolate covered pistachio marzipan

European Specialties

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Torrone and Marzipan - True to our European heritage, these specialties feature age-old recipes that can still be found in haute chocolate shops across Europe.

Torrone is an Italian honey nougat with chopped, roasted hazelnuts and almonds throughout, and a thin strip of caramel in the center.  One of our signature recipes, Torrone is best served sliced.

Marzipan is a traditional European sweet almond paste enrobed in dark chocolate.  Ours contains real pistachio paste for a rich, nutty blend.

Wine pairings: Enjoy Torrone or Marzipan with a Dry Riesling or a Chardonnay.

Add wine to your pick-up order when you arrive at our Lakewood, Ohio location.  Valid photo ID required.

Please Note Pistachio Marzipan is not available in milk chocolate.

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