Corporate Business Card

Corporate Business Card

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Creating a custom chocolate mold with your company logo may be cheaper than you think! Starting at $225 for a business card size (2.25" x 3.75"), we can create your company's logo or other unique design in a chocolate bar. All we need is a high resolution black and white picture file ( .eps, .pdf, .tif ) of your logo that is as large and as clear as possible.

Once the business card size mold is created you can order individual bars or use them in our Corporate Assortment or Junior Corporate Assortment boxes. Individual bars are $3.00 each and can come in two styles of boxes. The box with a flap comes in white, gold, silver, or red. The box without a flap comes in white, gold, silver, red and black. There is never a minimum order for logo bars and we can ship them anywhere in the United States.

We are also able to create custom molds from your products, perfect for trade shows or other promotional activities. Call or email for more details.

*Please note that the lead time to create a mold is 18-20 days.

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