Champagne truffles in powdered sugar and Hazelnut truffles rolled in nuts

Champagne / Hazelnut Truffles

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Champagne or Hazelnut Truffles, both elegant and mouth-watering. 

Our rich and creamy truffles feature a ganache center using a traditional European recipe that includes butter.  This decadent chocolate will melt in your mouth instantly.

Champagne truffles are infused with the essence of champagne, hand-dipped in dark chocolate and lightly rolled in powdered sugar.  This recipe does not contain any alcohol.

Hazelnut truffles feature a chocolate ganache enriched with hazelnut paste, hand-dipped in dark chocolate, and rolled in finely chopped hazelnuts.  A true European delicacy.

Wine pairings: both truffles are best enjoyed with a dry Riesling.

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