The Museum Collection Palette Box
The Museum Collection Palette Box
The Museum Collection Palette Box

The Museum Collection Palette Box

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Sample our widest selection of hand-painted chocolates beautifully displayed in our keepsake palette box. 

  • Cerise Seurat - Luxardo cherries and a rich dark chocolate ganache 
  • Cezanne Cinnamon - Fleur de sel-infused caramel from the Celtic Sea paired with Ceylon cinnamon candied almonds 
  • Dulce Degas – Classic Dulce de Leche, a very soft and smooth caramel with golden warm vanilla notes 
  • Frida De La Passion - tart and sweet passion fruit perfectly balanced with creamy white chocolate 
  • Fruity Ruby O'Keefe - a rare ganache made from the Ruby cocoa pod with notes of fresh cream, grapefruit and sun-ripened berries 
  • Gogh Sunny – an earthy sunflower seed butter ganache with wild honey and white chocolate 
  • Hokusai Hazelnut - a crunchy toasted hazelnut ganache with notes of cacao and fresh cream 
  • Lemonardo Da Vinci - the vibrant taste of Amalfi lemons enrobed in white chocolate 
  • Mocha Mucha – a Turkish coffee treat with roasted espresso notes, cardamom and candied cocoa nibs 
  • Pablo Pistachio – Aqua de Rosas nougat with lightly toasted pistachios and a delicate rose petal finish 
  • PBJ and Renee – Strawberry Pate de Fruit paired with a classic peanut butter ganache 
  • Peach Embrace – golden peach puree and Chantilly cream whipped to airy perfection 

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