Torrone and dark chocolate covered pistachio marzipan

European Specialties

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Torrone and Marzipan - True to our European heritage, these specialties feature age-old recipes that can still be found in haute chocolate shops across Europe.

Torrone is an Italian honey nougat with chopped, roasted hazelnuts and almonds throughout, and a thin strip of caramel in the center.  One of our signature recipes, Torrone is best served sliced.

Marzipan is a traditional European sweet almond paste enrobed in dark chocolate.  Pistachio contains real pistachio paste for a rich, nutty blend and Fruit contains candied apricots and orange rinds.

Wine pairings: Enjoy Torrone or Marzipan with a Dry Riesling or a Chardonnay.

Add wine to your pick-up order when you arrive at our Lakewood, Ohio location.  Valid photo ID required.

Please Note Pistachio Marzipan is not available in milk chocolate.

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Customer Reviews

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James J.
Pistachio marzipan

These are my favorites! If I don't get these when ordering i'm very disappointed.

Roberta C.
Perfect chocolates

These were birthday presents for my sister(valentine assorted chocolates) and green marzapam for my brother in law. They loved them because they were delicious. They were delivered on time. I also ordered chocolates for seven different families for Christmas. They also came on time. Everyone raved about them. Bought some for myself(green marzapam) on New Years and will buy more on Easter.