Sweet Designs Wine & Chocolate Pairing Guide

chocolate at home Wine

It's no secret that wine and chocolate go well together. The mystery is often what pairs with what. This guide will help you put together your very own at-home tasting!

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Chocolate Pairings for Fall

With fall just around the corner, we are thinking of our favorite cozy drinks.  Our Truffles reader, Sue S., gave us a great suggestion – to share some chocolate pairings with you!  We appreciate everyone’s suggestions and look forward to incorporating more of your ideas in coming months.  Chocolate pairs well with a variety of drinks, and there is something here for everyone – from adult beverages to tea and coffee rituals.  Click below to learn about our chocolatier’s favorite pairings.    Coffee  With origins in the Arabian Peninsula, coffee is the second most valuable legally traded commodity in the...

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Meet my dog Willie by Nick Galaida

I was sitting at the desk in my home office, staring at my computer, but felt the intense gaze of Willie’s dark brown eyes from the couch nearby. In a minute, I said – realizing that he was not-so-subtly asking to go outside. He jumped down from the couch, making enough noise to ensure I looked his way, then sauntered over to the side of my chair, initiating contact with the back side of my calf in a way that communicated his needs more urgently.  We went for a leash-less walk in our cul-du-sac, with me incessantly checking my work...

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Have a question about wine? “Ask Marisa” 

Question: We're planning on treating Mom to brunch at our house and were thinking of including mimosas.  Any advice on making a special mimosa for Mom?  Joe L., North Royalton  Mimosas are such a staple for brunch - this instant classic will please any brunch guest, including Mom!    But, is it as easy as 1, 2, 3? (Sparkling wine + juice, then serve?) - well, yes, but you certainly can kick things up a notch for Mother's Day.  Here are my best tips for getting this fizzy and fruity beverage right, and making a great impression:  Although you don’t need...

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Sweet Designs Guys' Guide to Valentine's Day

Whether you’re a grand gesture or subtle surprise kind of guy, we’ve got some tips that can help you win over your Valentine. These 5 gift suggestions will help you navigate the gift giving process like a pro. Of course, this guide isn’t only for guys. The name just had a nice ring to it!    Can’t-Go-Wrong Combos  Valentine’s Day is often a battle between chocolate and flowers. Why not both? If you’re a Cleveland local, we highly recommend Brown Pleasance right here in Lakewood for all of your floral needs. Of course, if you must choose one, chocolate is the...

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