Chocolate Pairings for Fall

With fall just around the corner, we are thinking of our favorite cozy drinks. 

Our Truffles reader, Sue S., gave us a great suggestion – to share some chocolate pairings with you!  We appreciate everyone’s suggestions and look forward to incorporating more of your ideas in coming months. 

Chocolate pairs well with a variety of drinks, and there is something here for everyone – from adult beverages to tea and coffee rituals.  Click below to learn about our chocolatier’s favorite pairings. 



With origins in the Arabian Peninsula, coffee is the second most valuable legally traded commodity in the world, behind only oil.  Derived from a cherry-like fruit, the coffee bean is the pit found at the center.  Similar to early preparations of chocolate, the coffee bean gets fermented and roasted before being prepared into a drink, of which 2.25 billion cups are consumed each day worldwide. 

We Like: Golden Drops by Rising Star  

Flavor Profile: cardamom, turmeric, honey 

Chocolate Pairing: Mocha Mucha from the Chokolatine Collection or Hazelnut Truffles  


Green Tea 

Dating back to 2737 BC China, green tea’s delicate herbaceous and floral qualities have been enjoyed around the globe.  Sado, or the Japanese tea ceremony features the powdered whole-leaf form of green tea, matcha, and is rooted in Zen Buddhism.  The four requisite principles for every tea ceremony are harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. 

We Like: Jasmine Pearl by Cleveland Tea Revival, or Organic Ceremonial Matcha by Storehouse Teas 

Flavor Profile: bright, herbaceous, floral, earthy, savory 

Chocolate Pairing: White Chocolate Almond Bark or Pistachio Marzipan 


Herbal Tea 

Herbal teas, or tisanes, are made with various herbs and flowers and do not contain any caffeine, making them perfect mid-afternoon snack material. 

We Like: Wellness Tea, available at the Sweet Designs retail store 

Flavor Profile: ginger, floral, fruity, herbaceous 

Chocolate Pairing: Candied Ginger or Candied Orange Peel 



Made from fermented corn and other grains, bourbon is a distinctly American drink.  Early settlers travelling West made bourbon to trade for supplies and to celebrate social occasions like cabin raisings and weddings. 

We Like: Old Grand-Dad High Rye Mash Bill, 100 proof 

Flavor Profile: honey, malt, caramel, smoke 

Chocolate Pairing: Milk Chocolate Torrone or Milk Chocolate French Grey Salted Caramels 


Red Wine 

The country of Georgia is considered the “cradle of wine", and archaeologists have traced the world’s earliest known wine back to the people of the South Caucasus in 6,000BC. These early Georgians discovered grape juice could be preserved by burying it underground for the winter, resulting in wine.  

We Like: Red’s Red Blend, available at Sweet Designs retail store 

Flavor Profile: plums, strawberries, cherries, blackberries 

Chocolate Pairing: Tart Cherry Squares or smartBARK! Salted Almond 


Lillet Rouge 

Lillet is a French Apéritif made from a subtle blend of wines and fruit infusions.  Since 1872, Lillet has been crafted in the Bordeaux region of France, and to this day is made by a small team of 10 people. 

We Like: Lillet Rouge Negroni 

Flavor Profile: red fruits, sour, bitter, citrus 

Chocolate Pairing: Dark Grand Marnier Truffle or Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordial 


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