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Question: We're planning on treating Mom to brunch at our house and were thinking of including mimosas.  Any advice on making a special mimosa for Mom? 

Joe L., North Royalton 

Mimosas are such a staple for brunch - this instant classic will please any brunch guest, including Mom!   

But, is it as easy as 1, 2, 3? (Sparkling wine + juice, then serve?) - well, yes, but you certainly can kick things up a notch for Mother's Day.  Here are my best tips for getting this fizzy and fruity beverage right, and making a great impression: 

  • Although you don’t need to buy an expensive bottle of champagne, grab a bottle that you are familiar with.  Champagne is not required for making a mimosa - you can use cava (sparkling wine made in Spain) or prosecco.  If you are not sure what to grab, I highly recommend Lamarca Prosecco (~$15.99) or Drappier Cote d'Or (~$48.99) 
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice is not the only way to make a mimosa - any fruit juice can work.  To make an impression, I suggest grabbing fresh orange juice, grapefruit juice and one unique juice such as apple-pomegranate.  Heinen's offers these regularly! Create a mimosa bar where guests can pick their fruit juice to top off their champagne flutes!  
  • Any fruit juice will quickly sweeten any cocktail - I highly recommend buying a dry Prosecco, Cava or Champagne (Brut or Extra Brut) so you do not have something overly sweet! 
  • It's recommended that the best sparkling to fruit juice ratio is 50 / 50 - guests may alter their mixtures to their taste, if necessary.  
  • When you pour the mimosa, the fruit juice should always go in second - this way, you avoid risking over-fizzing and spillage. This order also means you can tilt your glass when pouring the wine as you do with a pint of beer.  This method helps retain as much carbonation as possible!  
  • Lastly, mimosas are traditionally served in champagne flutes, but if you don't have any, wine glasses will do just fine! 

Regardless of what you plan, mimosas will always be a safe and fun beverage to include in your Mother's Day celebrations.   

If you need more help or need more tips to get your mimosas just right, tweet me @MarisaSergi! 

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