Sweet Designs Wine & Chocolate Pairing Guide

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Sweet Designs Wine and Chocolate Pairing Guide

It’s no secret that wine and chocolate go well together. The mystery is often what pairs with what. After you check out our guide, we hope you’ll have all the information you need to put together your very own at-home tasting! If you know what kind of wines you prefer, you’re already halfway there! 

The fresh fruit flavor found in Pinot Grigio calls for a chocolate that brings forth the same amount of light crispness. We recommend our dark chocolate-covered orange peel. The candied orange peel offers a soft, fragrant bite while the dark chocolate provides a subtle, sweet finish. Prefer milk chocolate? Our milk chocolate orange slices are a sweeter, more chewy option. We suggest trying Three Pears Pinot Grigio, which we offer in-store at Sweet Designs. 

Three Pears Pinot Grigio and Dark Chocolate-Covered Orange Peels

If you’re a red wine lover, do we have a pairing for you! We’re proud to carry Ohio local, Red’s Red Blend in-store. This smooth, velvety option is the perfect wine for someone who’s been too timid to give reds a try. With notes of blackberries, cherries, and strawberries, it pairs fantastically with our dark chocolate cherry squares. As you continue to enjoy Red’s Red Blend, you’ll notice a hint of cinnamon spice. No wonder it’s a best-seller at our store! 

Redhead's Red Blend and Dark Cherry Squares

A Riesling’s sweet, light character pairs perfectly with creamy milk chocolate. For an elevated experience, we recommend pairing it with our milk chocolate Torrone. This European specialty offers sweet notes with its honey nougat and thin caramel layer. The chopped hazelnuts and almonds give it a delightful crunch. It’s best served cut in slices, which allows you to appreciate its layers. At Sweet Designs, we offer Frost Bitten Ice Riesling. This dessert wine is best known for its tangy, clean finish which makes it super smooth. 

Frost Bitten Riesling and Torrone

The tannic characteristic of Pinot Noir pairs quite well with caramel. In-store, we offer Cline Cellars Pinot Noir which features fruit, dark chocolate and toasty oak accents. We recommend pairing it with an assortment of our salted caramels. Choosing an assortment adds another element of fun to your tasting because it will help you decide which caramel is your favorite! We offer grey salt, red salt, and no salt options. The French grey salt is coarse and briny like sea salt and the red Alaean salt offers a milder flavor with medium coarseness. All pair well with Pinot Noir, so we’ll let you be the judge on which is best! A couple bonus features about Cline Cellars wine is that it's sustainably sourced and vegan! If you're looking for a great vegan pairing, we recommend our Salted Almond smartBARK!

Salted Caramels and Cline Cellars Pinot Noir

Our wine collection is available for pick-up only. When you visit us curbside in Lakewood, OH we welcome your questions about our wines!

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