Sweet Designs Guys' Guide to Valentine's Day

Sweet Designs Guys' Guide to Valentine's Day

Whether you’re a grand gesture or subtle surprise kind of guy, we’ve got some tips that can help you win over your Valentine. These 5 gift suggestions will help you navigate the gift giving process like a pro. Of course, this guide isn’t only for guys. The name just had a nice ring to it!   

Can’t-Go-Wrong Combos 

Valentine’s Day is often a battle between chocolate and flowers. Why not both? If you’re a Cleveland local, we highly recommend Brown Pleasance right here in Lakewood for all of your floral needs. Of course, if you must choose one, chocolate is the clear winner. We offer boxes of chocolate decorated with floral designs to give you the best of both worlds. 

As for another great pairing, wine and chocolate never disappoint. We know it can be hard to figure out what goes with what. That’s why we put together a chocolate and wine pairing guide! If you plan on staying in this Valentine’s Day, why not try an at-home chocolate & wine tasting? If you know your lady’s favorite kind of wine, you’ve already done half the work! 

Wine and Chocolate


The Personal Touch 

You won’t find personal touches in the Valentine’s Day aisle at the grocery store. At Sweet Designs, you can give your gift a personal touch that’s unique! Our lasting impressions assortment can display any image you’d like. Simply upload your special image and we’ll take care of the rest.   

Rather have a heart-shaped box? You’re in luck! Choose a heart box on our website and customize it to be filled only with her favorites.   

Sometimes the most thoughtful personal touch is consideration of diet. We offer vegan and gluten-free assortments as well as sugar-free treats to make sure more people can enjoy our chocolates! 

Lasting Impressions Assortment


The Wow Factor 

Perhaps you want to make a grand gesture your Valentine will never forget! What you need is a wow factor. We recommend our Whole Lotta Love 2lb heart box. It shows you have a big heart in the most literal way. Here’s the best part. With 2 pounds of chocolate, she’ll be forced to let you have at least one! 

We also suggest our chocolate heels and purses. These works of art are almost too pretty to eat. In fact, we’ve received an email from a customer who couldn’t bring herself to eat the chocolate heel, so she proudly displayed it on her desk!!

Chocolate Purse and Heel 


Sharing is Caring 

A gift you can share is certainly a win-win. If you prefer Valentine’s Day to be more casual, try having a movie night at home while sharing chocolate-covered popcorn, pretzels, and potato chips. You can also share a hot cocoa bomb! Each bomb contains two servings. Snacking on chocolate is one of our favorite activities, so we’re positive you’ll enjoy it too. 

Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate Bomb

Seasonal Sensations 

A criticism we often hear about Valentine’s Day is that it’s a holiday you can actually celebrate any time of the year. Why do you need a specific holiday to spoil your significant other? If that’s your philosophy, you’re not wrong! Romantic gestures & acts of service are always acceptable; however, some specialties are only available during this time of year, so it’s important to take advantage while you can! The following are some Valentine’s Day only sweets we offer here at Sweet Designs.  

Chocolate-covered strawberries and raspberry cups are available for pick-up during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Sweetest Day only. Strawberry Champagne Truffles are a flavor you can only taste in February. That is, unless you seriously stock up!  

Chocolate-covered Strawberries and Raspberries

If you enjoyed reading this, let us know! We’re happy to lend you our gift-giving expertise whenever you need it. You can email us at suzanne@sweetdesigns.com with all of your comments and questions.

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