An Amazing Chocolate Factory in Riegersburg, Austria, plus much more!

On my way to Vienna, I stopped at Zotter Chocolate Factory, a bean-to-bar chocolate producer that I wanted to learn more about. 


My visit started with a film featuring Josef Zotter.  His sense of humor and concern for the environment and fair trade was evident.  I even sat on recycled cocoa bean sacks. 

I sampled chocolate every step - from raw beans to roasted beans to milling powder to chocolate bars in every imaginable flavor. 


Josef Zotter's creativity came through not only in his chocolates but in the displays and sampling equipment - including this robot that dispensed chocolates.  The robot has a charming personality!


Accepting that not everything works is a part of running a business. Zotter highlighted their 'failures' in the 'graveyard of bad chocolate ideas’. 


Here was the best idea of all - a chocolate bath! 

After visiting Zotter’s, I headed to Vienna, about 2 ½ hours north. It is simply a breathtaking and calming city – everywhere you look is a feast for your eyes.  Wonderful desserts are on every corner and nearly half of the city is green space.  


Maria-Theresian-Platz is the public square in the center of the city.  Look at the double doors in the building’s entryway – the door handles allow you to choose between opening the smaller doors or opening the whole façade. 

Vienna is on the Danube and makes great use of its waterfront with walking trails, playgrounds, restaurants and bars. There’s even a floating bridge connecting the older and newer parts of the city. 


I visited the butterfly house called the Schmetterlin Haus. It is a greenhouse built in 1902 with many species of tropical butterflies in their native environment. 


The pastries and desserts were an important part of the trip. The problem is, I just can’t choose a favorite…so I chose a lot of favorites!

Vienna was the home of Mozart. A famous dessert that was created here is the Mozartkugel, shown above.

We make it at Sweet Designs under the name “Mozart Truffle”. It is gianduja (hazelnut paste mixed with chocolate) with a marzipan center (sweet almond paste), all enrobed in dark chocolate. 


A Special Thank You! 

 Between now and June 30th, when you visit Sweet Designs in Lakewood, you can get a complimentary Mozart Truffle when you mention the Travel Log. Thanks for the many kind comments you have sent our way.  

Sadly, this is the final installment until our next big adventure, stay tuned...

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