Behind the Counter With: Pamela Schiavone, Queen of Customer Service, Sweet Designs

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Truffles: In addition to your fabulous title, what's the best part of your job?  

Pamela:   I love working with customers - whether I'm helping them with personal gift selections, corporate gifts or favors for events.  Being part of making an occasion special with Sweet Designs chocolate makes me smile every day!  And smelling chocolate all day doesn’t hurt either!  

Truffles:  What's surprised you the most since you’ve come to Sweet Designs?  

Pamela:  It’s been just how much chocolate we make each day.  It’s also the care and pride that goes into the process from all the staff who have a hand in it, from the chocolatiers who make it to the associates who pack it to the retail staff who gracefully tie that beautiful bow on the box.  There is a culture of teamwork here and mutual respect from everyone, no matter their position.  

Truffles:  How did you happen to come to Sweet Designs?  

Pamela:  I’m an Ohio native, but I went to school in Missouri and lived in California for some time. In addition to having my own business for many years, I’ve worked in customer service positions in the medical field. I was attracted to Sweet Designs because of all that Ines and her team have done so successfully.  And of course, there’s the chocolate.  

 Truffles:  Your favorite SD treat?  

Pamela:  I love all of our candy, but if I had to narrow it down, I’d say the Sea Salt Caramels are the best I’ve ever tasted.  I prefer dark chocolate, so anything in dark chocolate I’m definitely up for trying.  

 Truffles:  Any other message you would like to get to customers?  

Pamela:    We appreciate our customers!  The loyal fans of Sweet Designs are why we all come to work each day!  We know, especially during the times we live in right now that a little splurge can make us feel better.  The customers who continually support us whether big or small are so appreciated and we want them to know that!  And when we can re-open the retail store, I look forward to meeting in person all the folks I have had the pleasure of speaking with on the phone.  

Truffles: What do you do when you aren’t working?  

Pamela:  My family is my top priority. We’re following COVID-19 protocols and safe distancing which makes it all more challenging, but we’re proud grandparents who get great joy from those closest to us.  In addition to enjoying my family, I get a great deal of happiness from being a fairly serious runner who also enjoys preparing and eating great food. 

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