Behind the Counter: Emily and Lucy, Kitchen/Operations Associates  

This month Truffles caught up with Emily and Lucy who are sisters and who both work at Sweet Designs. Emily is in her second year at Heidelberg College in Tiffin, OH and Lucy is completing her senior year at Lakewood High.  

Truffles: So how did you come to work at Sweet Designs? 
I live right down the street and when I was really little my mom brought us along and Ines was always so nice to us, she would give us a hug and nonpareils. We would joke about me working here when I got older and so when I got to high school and was looking for a job this was where I applied and here we are.

Lucy: Emily talked about Sweet Designs being a good place to work, so when I started looking for a job last summer, it was the first place I applied. When Ines hired me, she decided that Emily would be the person to train me. It’s worked out just fine so far. 

Truffles: What are your jobs? 
Emily: It’s really been a mix of things – often in the kitchen where I help with running the pump to make chocolate and on the belts along with packing chocolates, reloading cases out front and sometimes doing dishes. I like bouncing around doing different things. 

Lucy: Pretty much whatever I’m asked to do – from washing dishes to helping make the chocolate to packing it. There’s a lot more that goes into making our chocolates than I’d imagined.  

Truffles: What was it like training your sister? 
Emily: Honestly, I was a little worried that I might not fully understand something correctly and then pass it along to Lucy.  I didn't want things to be messed up further down the line. It seems though that things have worked out okay. 

Lucy: Emily was really helpful. I think she did a good job training me. Everyone else has been really approachable if I have a question. We both really want to do a good job. 

Truffles: What have you learned working at Sweet Designs?
One of Ines’s big things at work is to be sure that you’re doing something to help. So if you’re caught up on one task, be sure to take the lead and find the next thing on the “to-do” list. Another thing I remember during my first summer was learning so much about what’s involved in making organic chocolate.

Lucy: I’ve definitely picked up on how valuable time is. The more I can get done, the more efficient I am, the more I can help the company. Sometimes Ines will share lessons that can help me understand small business. It’s also helped me away from work in terms of how I use my time. Being busy helps me not to procrastinate.

Truffles: Your favorite SD chocolate? 
Emily: There are many, but chocolate ginger is definitely one of them.

Lucy: I’ve had quite the variety of chocolates, but I have to say our chocolate-covered Oreos are my favorite.  

Truffles: How’s school? 
Emily: It keeps me busy.  This semester I have four science classes – physics, chemistry, cell and molecular biology - and an art course. 

Lucy: I’m still looking at colleges and I’m thinking of majoring in engineering. This month we’re going to be doing a cardboard boat regatta and I’m looking forward to it. 

Truffles: Other interests along with your classwork? 
Emily: I’m on the women’s soccer team and I play mid-field.

Lucy: I’ve been playing soccer since I was 5 years-old. I got to be captain of my team. I also enjoy track

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