Behind the Counter with Laura, Administrative Associate

Behind the Counter with Laura, Administrative Associate 

Truffles: How did you happen to come to Sweet Designs? 

Laura: When my husband had cancer and wasn’t able to work anymore, we were struggling a little bit money-wise, and I was looking around for some extra part-time work. A co-worker at my company said she thought Ines was hiring, so I came over and interviewed. 

Truffles: Tell us more about how your day job and how it compares with your second job at Sweet Designs? 

Laura: My day job is at Hanson, which is a business that provides care for elderly people.  I spend most of my time teaching and training our staff. It’s an administrative position. I also speak to outside groups.  At Sweet Designs, especially when I first started, I was washing dishes, mopping floors and doing a lot of cleaning. One of the things I did for a while was working with Easter egg molds.  It was very different and something more artistic. I then started to move to more of the office-related work.  

Truffles: What’s the most challenging part of your job? 

Laura: It’s really catching up with Ines who wears so many hats here. What she keeps in her head is just amazing, so I try to be mindful of all she’s doing and I try to figure out how I can best help her. It’s also been an education for me about running a small business.  I also have a much greater appreciation for how much work it is to make great chocolate. 

Truffles: What’s the work environment like here? 

Laura:   I love how people who work here get through the busiest periods with a smile. And everyone pitches in and really helps each other. 

Truffles: What do you do when you aren’t working? 

Laura: I live for summer time here and love to be outdoors. I love to walk around Lakewood, walk in the park, and meet up with a friend for a beer. I also really enjoy being involved with Meals on Wheels. 

Truffles: Let’s get to the important stuff. What’s your favorite SD chocolate? 

Laura: If I had to narrow it down to one, it would be the sea salt caramel, the dark chocolate. I’ve probably tried most of what we sell here.  It’s all really great.

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