Five Fun Easter Activities for Kids 


The Thrill of the Hunt 

Not every Easter egg in the hunt needs to have a sweet treat.  Get everyone moving and shaking with this interactive Easter egg hunt from Alice & Lois.  You can see the full tutorial and free printouts at 

Image courtesy of Alice & Lois 

Plant a Jellybean Garden...and Watch it Grow 

Get the kids in the garden with this magical activity!  Have them plant some ”jellybean seeds” in your yard and water them with a watering can.  Imagine their amazement when they wake up in the morning and see foiled chocolate carrots and chocolate flower lollipops ”growing” from the ground!  Need to make it an indoor activity?  Use small planters and crushed-up Oreos as the ”dirt”.

Egg Felt Boards for the Littles 

An easy and mess-free sensory craft for younger kids is decorating felt Easter eggs.  Prep the decorations by cutting various shapes out of felt that your kids can stick to their egg canvas.  No glue needed; the natural static will allow the decorations to stick.  Learn how to do it yourself at 

Image courtesy of From Play Date to Parties 


Decorate [Chocolate] Easter Eggs 
Looking for a less-messy alternative to liquid egg dyes?  You can decorate chocolate marshmallow eggs just as you would cookies!  Get creative with decorating icing, sprinkles, edible glitter and Easter icing decorations.


Color Outside the Lines 
Due to popular demand, we are bringing back our free, printable Easter coloring pages!  Fun for all ages, these bunny-themed coloring pages can be downloaded and printed at home.  And don’t stop at crayons – encourage your kids to get creative and use construction paper, glitter or stickers to make their masterpieces pop.  You can find them at

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